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Our Process

Our approach to financial planning begins with learning about you, not your statements. Understanding where you come from and your expectations for the future helps us develop a strategy for your financial plan. Whether you are caring for an elderly parent, planning to retire, or simply wanting to live life with a peace of mind about finances; our approach to each circumstance will be different depending on what phase of life you are in.

Once we get to know you and your current financial state, we take a moment to review your current investment holdings. Once we see where you are, we will talk about where you want to be moving forward. We will then identify some strategies that can fund your needs. Our goal is to provide a plan that meets these objectives while managing risk. Together we will establish a game plan.

Throughout the year you will meet with us to see how things are going and if you are using the strategies we created together to stay on track. We are well aware that life sometimes throws curveballs, so we meet up periodically to make adjustments to your strategies if need be.

We want to work with you not for you. This is a team effort—we will give advice and encouragement, and we hope that it will inspire you and comfort you to live your life with financial peace and stability.